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Hey, how are you doing?. In case you are wondering what this website is, I'll tell you. This is my personal website that I use for many different purposes. For now you can call me Caveman. I am a freelance programmer. I'm using this website mainly for the purpose of providing technical information in a way that isn't already available elsewhere on the web. Along the way, hopefully, visitors will gain a better understanding of many computer related ideas and have a reference source for information that is difficult to memorize. I have a section where I post programs and utilities that I've written that are free to download. And, finally, I'll have a section for pointless ramblings and other non-computer related topics. Feel free to poke around the site. If you have suggestions, comments, or ideas feel free to share them with me.

C# and SQLite - Part 2: Getting Your Visual Studio Project Ready for SQLite

Alright, you've made it past part 1 and now your eager to get your database on. First we have to download and install the the correct SQLite package for the version of .NET that we are using. And we have to get the 32-bit or 64-bit version of that specific .NET version. What ever version you need, the downloads are available from SQLite.org's Download page.

Auto Mouse Clicker v 2, Coming Soon!

In my spare time I've been working on a new version of Auto Mouse Clicker (AMC2) that will incorporate some of the changes that AMC v1 users have asked for.

    New Features include:
  • One button for starting and stopping the automated clicking.
  • A single hot key to start and stop the automated clicking. (In version 1 the hot key only stops the program)
  • The mouse cursor turns into crosshairs when the program is waiting for you to select a screen point
  • Auto resizing of the program window to accomodate different Windows font sizes

Site Under Construction

This website is a side project and will probably always be in some part "Under Construction". Much like a carpenters house is never finished, a programmers web site is also never truly done. I have managed to get a couple of handy little program available in the "Free Programs" section. My Auto Mouse Clicker and my Screen Ruler are available to download free of charge. Check back often for new content as it becomes available.

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